Underworld was located in an oversized basement on the southwest corner.

“Pull up to the fourth level,” Zak said. He hoped it would be easier to avoid trouble if he approached the club from above rather than along the street.

“Works for me, man.” Kam maneuvered the cab over to the drop-off and stopped at the platform.

“Thanks,” Zak told him and handed him the fare, then climbed out onto the fourth level drop-off platform.

“Hey, man...” Kam called after him from the front window and held out a business card for him. “I must be crazy, but here’s my mobile number if you need a ride out of here. I’ll pick ya up at this same spot.”

“Thanks,” Zak said again and took the card.

The passenger drop-off platforms on each level were all connected by a series of walkways running parallel to the sidewalks below. These upper level pedestrian walks, like the upper level hover-car routes, had been designed to help alleviate ground traffic in an over populated city.  Of course, in the Zone these walkways were not as well kept as in other parts of the city. You had to watch your step or you could end up suddenly at street level.

Zak used the stairs leading down to the street, skipping those steps that looked too corroded to hold his weight. The entrance to Underworld was just around the corner from where he came to street level. The entrance was a long stairway that led down to the basement level of the building. There were at least three-dozen steps, the only light from a dimly lit bulb at the bottom of the stairs that barely illuminated the door. The darkness on the steps would have been intimidating, but for Zak’s Elvish night vision. He could not see quite as well as a full-blooded Elf and he rarely used this ability since it tended to give him migraines. But he had no desire to run into any surprises within the darkness so he made an exception in this case.

He entered Underworld.