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I am really not much of a blogger myself, if I have time to write - I am using that time on my books. As time allows, I will add some ramblings and excerpts of my new book which is still a work in progress - Project Catalyst.

I also put up the first FIVE chapters online of SHIAM Conspiracy for you to preview. Have a taste for more? Like the story toward the bottom of the page and download the first sixteen (that's right- 16) chapters FREE to read. Still want more? Time to get out that wallet and buy your very own copy the SHIAM Conspiracy. You can buy it directly from me. $5.25 will get you both the pdf and epub version. 

Here are some buying links on my book:  SHIAM Conspiracy                                                                                    

Need the kindle? Amazon US      Amazon Canada

Smashwords is available in the format of your choice.

Need a Nook? Barnes and Noble has it.

My web site:  SHIAM.NET  

Ok... enough of the sales pitch, don't get me going. So anyways, glad you found me, I am sure it wasn't easy. Buried deep in the sea of the indie bookstores and websites. If you are interested in reviewing SHIAM Conspiracy, drop me an email.


In the mood for some darker stories? Check out the library. I recently found several short stories that got written during different times of my life. Warning: they do edge that fine line of sanity.

I also am on FB when I have some time



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